15 July 2014

A question about the Knights of Columbus

I am considering joining the Knights. I meet their requirements. viz., I am male, over 18, with a pulse. I would like to hear from anyone out there who may read this and have some knowledge o experience with the Knights what their thoughts are on the organization. Did you find the experience worthwhile? Did it help you with your faith and your life? Were there unexpected benefits or drawbacks?

I am debating this decision. I don't know if the Knights would be good for me, or if I would be good for the Knights. I am not a team player, nor much of a follower, nor much of a leader.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Patience said...

Do you know any Knights of Columbus? Do they ever let you sit in on a meeting? I guess my only thing would be to understand who you're going to be spending time with and can you stand those guys? (disclaimer: my bipolar neighbour is a K of C. (and a Moose Lodge member) And he's not so far from Fred Flintstone in other ways too. So get to know your local group before you make a final commitment.

Anonymous said...

I am currently member of the K of C, so I hope my words will help inform your decision.

It is important to remember that the Knights of Columbus is a fraternal Catholic organization, and not a religious order per se.
This means that if you are looking for an experience that is similar to say the Franciscans Tertiary, I am afraid that you will be disappointed.

The organization basically facilitates opportunities for people from your parish and other surrounding parishes to come together in Catholic fellowship on a regular basis and do good deeds.

Now having said that, you will generally find that your experience with the K of C will be highly dependent on the particular council you belong to.

In my case, the council I belong to is pretty traditional. We love our Latin. We host an annual Mass to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, dedicating Christendom's victory at the Battle of Lepanto of the Ottoman Turks. Not exactly politically correct....but we like it that way.

Other councils may focus on different things.

Our council is located at the parish of St. Vincent de Paul. If you live around that area and would like further information, I would be happy to discuss this in greater detail with you offline.

In Christ

Bear said...

Anon,- If I were to join, it would be at St Cecilia's, which, I am told, is of the same council.

Thanks for our input.

Anonymous said...

Yes, St. Cecilia's Parish belongs to our council. Lucky you. You hit the jackpot.

There are a few people from our council that belong to that parish. Speak to them and they can provide greater orientation on what we do.

In Christ

Vox Cantoris said...


John XXIII is an excellent Council of which I am also a member, which is not why it is an excellent Council but one you should join notwithstanding my presence.