14 July 2014

Anyone else find their job search site to be garbage?

So I'm trying to find work for when this place finally goes belly up. Several friends recommended I join a certain well known website that will aid me in my hunt for new work. I put in my education and work experience, with a few other things, and it finds me matches.

Except it doesn't.

For the purposes of background, education and job experience goes like this: Graduated High school. BA major in English and minor in history (although I could probably upgrade it today to a double major without taking any new courses). Masters in English, ABD on my PhD. I have been quality control lab technician, a teaching assistant at a university. I've built fences and decks and spent a time as a freelance cabinet maker. I even occasionally got hired by a friend who ran a painting company, so I suppose I have been a painter, although you would be foolish to call on me to do your house. And I have worked in this store (for far too long, really) wherein I have worked the information desk, cash, shipping and receiving, and, for a year or two, accounting.

So, what kind of positions do they send me, telling me that I would be just a spiffy fit? From today: Art teacher at a Montessori School.(no idea how they got that) Manager at college pro paint, (That's my university experience plus being a painter); Early Childhood Educator (???);Executive Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries (no idea how that came up. For some of the other positions I sort of resemble their candidate in the way that a fun house mirror resembles a person- but this one is ocmpletely out to lunch.);Senior Bioinformatics Research Programmer (that makes the previous one look like a spot on match. What is a Bioinforwhatever the heck that is? And nowhere in my CV do I mention "computers" or "programming") Another time I was told I would be great to head up the Sociology department of a nearby university, and at another time, the chemistry department. Seriously.

I would shut down my account, except I find these colossal mismatches to be amusing. I have no idea what algorithm they are using to find these matches, but I think it is probably the wrong one. I would have more luck with a coin toss or a spinning wheel. The weathermen are more accurate in their forecasts than this state of the art program. Anyone out there have similar experiences with their job search engines? Anyone have a good one?


Patience said...

College, college, college. Our generation was given the idea that college was for the lower strata. It's not and it give practical up to the minute job skills. Surf the course/certificate selections of local and not so local Ontario colleges. You can go to class evenings or many certs are offered online part time. Some certs can be finished in 6 months. (oh did I mention it can be fun?)
What I'm trying to say is that a college certificate in something you can stand would spruce up your CV; show you can learn new information and make you look a cut above other applicants. (plus the colleges also have job search workshops etc free if you're a student there) I would recommend that although online ed is convenient; take at least one class to meet people and get ideas. Even finding out what you don't want to do is a step in the right direction.

Bear said...

Thanks Patience, for both your suggestions.