24 November 2014

I did some drawing.

I was in a sketchy sort of mood this weekend.  It's been a while since I sharpened the old pencils, but I decided to give into the urge, so I grabbed an HB, an eraser and a few sheets of paper and headed for the dining room table while it was just me and Frodo.

Oddly, Frodo showed no interest in my presence at all until I began drawing.  Then he decided it would be a fun thing to crawl all over the old man.  I was literally drawing with one hand while I played with Frodo with the other.  The result wasn't terrible.

It's a drawing of Elder, based on an old school photograph. It's actually the second sketch I did that day.  The first one turned out looking like Alfred E. Neuman.  It sort of looks like her.  I left out the hair due to 1. Frodo, and 2. I suck at drawing hair.

I can trace my inspiration to start doing a few sketches to a YouTube channel I found a few weeks back called The Portrait Art.  He is really, really good.  Here's a few of my favourites.

I really, really, want to get some black paper and  chalk pencil and try a few drawings like these.

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