21 November 2014

Update on Cueball Joe

He and the family are finished.

I am not terribly happy with the results, but I  had a few things working against me. First,  I'm out of practice when it comes to carving, so I lost a lot of my chops.  I have to start somewhere to try and get back into the groove, and here I am.     Hopefully the next one will be better  Secondly, the wood was against me.  each piece is made from a block created by laminating four pieces of pine together.  Two of those pieces carved like butter and were beautiful to work with.  The other two were lousy.  Again, it's part of the 'lost my chops need to get some experience' thing   

So, here I am looking forward to the bazaars.  Here goes not much.

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Patience said...

I think they look pretty good! But I have no talent and stand in awe of anyone who does. HF has their Christmas bazaar tomorrow. My contributions have consisted of two loaves of banana bread and several boxes of china and glass gleaned from clearing my aunt's apartment prior to her move to a retirement home!