17 December 2014

More Bazaar Stuff.

Climbing toys.  These are hung from a peg or a nail, and the animals climb up as you alternate pulling the strings.  The monkey's head and arms move as he goes up.  Monkey-$10.  Bears- $7.  Lizard $5.

More ornaments made by Younger and I, which she sells for herself.  $6 each.  Honestly, try buying one of the fabric ornaments for under $25 on Etsy.  Maybe this year we'll decorate our tree entirely with our homemade ornaments.

Bowls.  The large ones are made from cedar., smaller ones from either spalted or tiger maple.  Large $20.each  Small $15 each

Tops.  My best seller last year.  Didn't sell one this year.  Pull tops-$5 each.  Snap tops $2.

Mirror, made of reclaimed mahogany.  $40.

Detail of carved phoenix at the top of the mirror.

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