10 December 2014

My bazaar stuff

At the recommendation of a few people, I have been taking photographs of my wares to post here. I will be looking into starting up a paypal account and having a button on the side in case people are interested in buying my stuff. I will work out shipping and handling later. For now, leave a comment.

Please note: this is only a small portion of my wares. First, it does not show the stuff I sold at the bazaars. Second, while taking pictures, my camera batteries died. I went to the local store to buy replacements, and the kind proprietors appear to have sold me dead batteries. I haven't had time to replace them yet. In other words, more is coming later, including toys, game boards, and some small furnishings.

One final note, all my works these days are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, which is a fancy way of saying I pull stuff out of the garbage and use it to make things.

T-rex and dragon puzzles.   They can also stand up.  Not suitable for children under 3.  T-rex- $10. Dragon- $15

More puzzles, suitable for younger children.  $6 each.

Angel puzzle- $10.

Ball ornaments made by Younger and me.  Not shown: a series of variations on these.  $6 each.

Sequin ball ornaments.  Many more variations as well.  $6 each.

Nativity set.  $40.

Ornaments based on stained glass windows.  From left to right: Jesus with the children: $10. Two St Cecilia's- $7 each.  St Patrick- $7

Carved Santas- $15 each

Nativity- $40.

Carved Nativity, featuring my Cueball Joe.  $60 

Carved Man in the Moon ornament- $15.

Praying Hands ornament- $7 each

Angels $12 each.

Nativity set.  Figures about three inches high.  It comes with or without the stable.  With: $75.  Without: $50. 

Marian ornaments, also based on stained glass windows..  Immaculate conception- $10 each.  All others, $7 each.

Carved Santa Ornaments, plus a snowman.  $15-$20 each.

Chickadee in a wreath ornaments- $5 each, carved snowman- $15, other snowmen- $5 each. 

Another marian ornament, based on the Madonna of the Streets- $7.


Patience said...

Looks awesome! You're very talented!

Kathleen1031 said...

I hope things are going better, I remember you were dealing with a great deal of art work from Mom. So tough to know what to do with these precious things! My sister's family is doing the same right now, let's face it, life is hard at times.
About ten years ago I found a nativity set at a yard sale I just loved, but had no crèche to go with it. I found out how really hard it was to find a crèche that would work. Finally I had to pay about $150.00 to a gentleman from South Dakota who made nice creches. I still have it and it's lovely. It was made from reclaimed wood and was rustic, lovely like your things.
Wouldn't it be nice for faithful Catholics if we personally knew more faithful Catholics? I'm astounded at people like you who have such love for God you have a Catholic blog and make beautiful Catholic images. May God bless you and yours and may 2017 be a most fantastic year for you all.

Bear said...

Thank you.