31 January 2015

Found it! Again! Finally!

Months ago I found a photograph online of a stained glass window of St Michael. I had thought I would use this as a basis for making a wooden intarsia picture, but then I lost the link, and I couldn't find it again for months. But then, today -O Caloo, and if I may be so bold, Callay!- I finally found it again. It was lost, but has been found. Huzzah!

As fate would have it, today it turned up on a google search for "Archangel Michael casting out satan stained glass" as the second hit under images- a search parameter I have only used about a dozen times before to utterly no avail. I may now begin work.

The window comes from the gorgeous basilica of St Patrick in Montreal, my favourite Canadian church so far, and one which I long to visit again soon. I have been asked why I prefer St Patrick's over, say, Montreal's Notre Dame basilica, and the answer is this: I don't know. If you take each individual element in one of the two, and compare it to the one in the other church, I would say that, piece for piece, Notre Dame is better. St Patrick's has a beautiful pulpit; Notre Dame's is gorgeous. St Patrick's high altar is spectacular; Notre Dame's is truly awesome. St Patrick's is lavishly decorated; Notre Dame is even more so. Even the pews are better at Notre Dame. And yet... on the whole, while I love and am awestruck by La Basilique de Notre Dame (I would love to visit it again, too) I prefer St Patrick.


Teresa B. said...

I loved St. Patrick's Church.
You also didn't have to pay to get in to it.

Bear said...

That too is true. It leaves one with more money to buy bacon.