6 February 2015

Moving on down that slippery slope

The Supreme Court of Canada has issued a ruling which has struck down the old law banning doctor assisted suicide. 

The Court striking down old standing laws has been happening a fair amount these last few decades, and it is the court, not the elected parliament, that has made many of the decisions that are shaping Canadian society these days. 


Patience said...

I hope right to die doesn't work like pro choice. (which is really pro abortion mostly)
I would like legislation guaranteeing the dying the right to decent palliative care and pain meds for as long as they need it and to not worry about them getting pressured to take an overdose to free up a bed or spare people the inconvenience. So like you said; a slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

I would take the next year to draw up and end of life power of attorney and instructions on palliative care, just to be sure.\

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