11 May 2015

Here at work

We just had a union meeting to vote on our tentative agreement.  It was the usual sort of thing- mind numbing for the most part.  We had to go over each change to the collective agreement, including the housecleaning changes to language.  However, that was more interesting than when the Usual Crowd got up and started shouting about how ratifying this would lead to our doom- DOOM, I SAY!  That got old years ago.

Speaking of work, one of my co-workers- whom I refer to as 'pothead' was ranting a little while ago about how, as of last month, he had been employed in this place for forty years, and he was given nothing, not even a cupcake, to commemorate the occasion.  He was quite irate.

I don't know what to say about that.  On the one hand, I think perhaps the occasion could have been noted in some way, but on the other hand, if I were to still be here after forty years, the only thing I would want would be a gun with a single bullet in it.   But I'm me and he's he and to each their own.

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