13 May 2015

Off to Ottawa

Tonight I'm heading off to Ottawa to take part in the March for Life, so I will be absent here for a few days, in the event anyone wishes to leave a comment and hopes for a response from me.

I'm hoping to see a good crowd at the March, and, with luck, a few femen protestors might show up.  That way, there's a chance we might make the news.


Julian Barkin said...

Hi Bear. Enjoy taking a stance against secular society and those who are pro-death. Would love to be there were it not for work and personal matters. 1st year in a few I haven't Been there for the March.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice meeting you!

--Felix Culpa
(wannabe blacksmith)

Bear said...

It was good meeting you, too. Let me know if you ever get that forge up and running.