27 September 2015

Promoting delusions

A few weeks back we had the retired priest who helps out around the parish saying Mass again.  For his homily he once again hit one of his favourite themes:  Vatican.II and the wonders it has worked.  He spent some time mocking- there is no other word for it- the pre-conciliar Church, as compared to, say, today.

Puff nearly stormed out of Mass.  I was, as always when this guy preaches, grateful the girls pretty much ignore the homily.  I just sat mentally counting his errors.

I could go and rebut him point by point, but why bother? Instead, I reject his conclusion on its face.  If you want to tell me things were a mess pre V II, sure, I imagine it was.  But then you want to tell me that everything is so much better now, particularly in a church that's seven eighths empty?  Not buying it.  Not for a second.

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Vox Cantoris said...

It clearly wasn't great because the seeds the undermined the Council and its beautiful original schemas were there. Vatican II has been a disaster in every way unless we follow our dear Benedict's path of a hermeneutic of continuity. The good news is that that priest is retired. I know you hate the term "biological solution" but it really is the only way at this point, or schism and that may happen before Halloween.