28 September 2015

Hockey season is about to begin

I  am getting ready for Leafs Derangement Syndrome. Not really a fan myself, I have been observing fans for decades. The Syndrome follows a predictable pattern.

October: I think we got a shot.
 November: Yah! We're doing great! I toldja!
December: Darned injuries. But we're still in it, right?...
January: Right?
February: Stupid coach.
March: We're not yet mathematically eliminated.
April. Crap.
May: Next year for sure. After all, we got top draft pick again, right?

Looking forward to another year of watching the fans ending up looking forward to another year.


Patience said...

I think my ds goes through this process! LOL

Starting to look for Leaf's stuff for Christmas!

DP said...

This Lions fan understands you. Loud and clear.