15 October 2015

My Dear Fellow Canadians,

Unless you are in the ridings of Outremont, Calgary Southwest, or Papineau, please stop telling me you are voting or have voted for Trudeau, Mulcair or Harper. You're not. You are supposed to be voting for the person you believe can best represent your region and advise the crown on the governing of the Dominion of Canada. Your failure to understand this point has lead to us, year in and year out, voting a bunch of yes men and flunkies- literally, anyone who works for the leader you like, no matter how stupid, corrupt or horrible- people who Trudeau's father described as "nobodies"-  into office and is a major contribution to the mess we are in. We need to focus less on the people the majority of us cannot vote for, and more on the people for whom we can actually cast a ballot.

Thank you.

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