13 October 2015

Frodo's first fish!

That's my boy with some stupid fat guy posing beside his first fish.  A Smallmouth, for those interested, because, as the song says:  "It's all about that bass, 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass." Hopefully, this sets him on a path for life.  The world needs fewer Xboxes and more tackle boxes.

As it turns out, that was the only fish we caught yesterday.  Puff and Younger caught nothing. I can no longer say that no one gets skunked when I take them fishing. 

I was going to say something about the people who invaded our spot and pretty much forced us to move, but this is Frodo's moment, and this post is about him so I deleted it.  My boy, armed with a rod but no reel, with the line tied to the end of his pole, with a worm and a hook at the end of that line, caught this fish, with some minor help from his old man. 

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Julian Barkin said...

Lol! Well I hope that "stupid fat guy" as you acclaim, is proud that "the one fish" (to rule them all ... Joke ha ha ha) was caught by Frodo. We thank The Lord for moments like this.