5 May 2016

And down the rabbit hole we go

Today the Canadian Parliament will almost certainly vote in the euthanasia bill. The justification for this bill lies solely on an appeal to feelings and emotions, without a shred of reason and logic. Sympathy and fear. So let's talk with sympathy and fear. The bill itself bears some resemblance to the old abortion law that was struck down as unconstitutional, which means that at some future date this law may be struck down, and euthanasia would then be unregulated and unrestricted.

It was also in the news recently that in Belgium and others nations that have similarly adopted euthanasia approximately 30% of those euthanized have given no permission- or, to use the technically accurate term, they are murdered. But no charges are laid. They were simply ending a life unworthy of life, I suppose.

We live in a nation with socialized medicine, with an unsustainably huge deficit, with an even bigger deficit thanks to our new, feckless Prime Minister. They will inevitably be looking for ways to trim the bottom line and avoid expensive treatments, and Parliament is putting death on the table as an option.

Some of us believe in truth, and reason, and logic. Prime Minister Trudeau believes it's 2016. Last year he believed it was 2015. Next year he will believe it's 2017. He is no leader. He is a weather vane, pointing the direction of every ill wind that blows.

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