26 October 2016

On the war that surrounds us.

Just trying to think of other things for a bit.

I read Anthony Esolen's latest over at Crisis before I noticed it was circulating around the 'net a lot.  It is typical Esolen- well written, strongly worded and all that. In it he categorizes Catholics who are looking forward to the institutionalized persecution of the Church into four: Persecutor, Quisling, Avenger and Soldier.  I thought some of these groups could be subdivided, or perhaps a few more added, but what of it?  Those were his categories, and as I read I found myself mentally ticking off some people I know and tossing them into his boxes.  I imagine many would be offended at where I tossed them.  Everyone thinks themself to be a soldier.  Not everyone is.

Professor Esolen ends his article with a typically strident call to action: "May God grant us the grace to be Soldiers—all of us, now. The war is here."  And it is on the final words that I wish to comment:  My dear professor, this is nothing new.  The war  has always been here, and it shall always be here.

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