9 November 2016

Apropos nothing specific

Sent to my from a friend who is far deeper and better read in matters concerning the Church than I:

Appendix to the Roman Ritual
(Revised and reissued by Order of the Fathers of the First Plenary Council of Quebec)
Part I, Chapter II — Special announcements
On the Sunday following an election, the Parish-Priest shall say:
Now that the elections have taken place, Dear Brethren, I ask you to forgive each other for any lack of mutual charity, as you hope to be forgiven. Humility and Charity are two essential virtues for all true Christians, and members of different political parties are not dispensed from their observance.
Put your dissensions on one side, Dear Brethren, and work together with loyalty and goodwill for the well-being of your parish and your country. Do not bring your political divisions into parochial, municipal or educational questions — still less into dealings between relatives.
“God is charity,” says the Inspired writer, “and those who dwell in charity dwell in light”; they have life in them : charity is the fulfillment of the law, and for this reason those who have not charity are dead in the eyes of God.

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