27 February 2017

I started writing a post on the current political tribalism....

... but it quickly grew too long and too verbose.  Short version: My current sabbatical from Facebook was in part due to me being sick of hearing about Trump, either from the pro or anti side.  People are now defending their party, as embodied by their leader, and attacking the other party, as embodied by its leader, on or despite any grounds whatsoever. 

Tribalism is taking the place of religion in the west.  Unfortunately, tribal gods are very dark and very jealous gods, and the greatest of their commandments are these: First, you shall hate their leader with all you heart and all your soul and all your mind. The second is like unto it: you shall hate their supporters as you hate the leader themselves.

Lastly, historically, this sort of passion, wound up this tightly, has only one ending: blood.

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