17 March 2017

It's St Patrick's Day

A Happy St Paddy's Day to all my fellow micks and mostly micks out there.  Here's hoping you don't hear those wretched pseudo Irish songs 'Danny Boy' or 'Tooralooraloora'. 

A little trivia for any Toronto area micks:  Prior to the arrival of the famine Irish in '47, the Irish Catholics and Protestants of the area actually got along, and even formed a charitable organization called the Pan Ireland Association, the main function of which was to have a feast on this day.  The feast was, by all accounts, a bender of truly epic proportions.  The toasts would go on for hours, and included an ironic toast to the founder of the Irish Temperance Movement. 

So, a Happy St Pat's to all.  Celebrate your Irishness as you please, but also take time to remember there was a man, a great and holy man who went by the name of Padraig, behind it.


Kathleen1031 said...

Slainte! And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you as well, fellow mick. It's proud I am to be Irish, even though tis sad to see Ireland forget her heritage and turn away from God. Please God, she will return without having to suffer first.

Bear said...

I agree