16 April 2017

What I missed this Easter

I saw no specials on television this year.  No rebroadcasts of old favourites, no attempts at replacing the old with new specials.  I didn't even see any documentaries purporting to unveil any new real Jesus' this year.  That has me somewhat concerned.  The fact that no one was trying to make us look ridiculous can only mean that they find us to be not worth the effort.  They did not give up attacking us because we were winning, but because they concluded we were irrelevant.

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Patience said...

My ds came over and gave us some kind of link to Netflix (we don't normally have it) to watch "Five Came Back" about 5 Hollywood directors who made documentary and other war related films. It was a 3 part and we watched two of them; which were really interesting and enjoyable. Also shows a lot of history repeating itself.