12 January 2018

Just going over the stats again

Every now and then I check the stats on this blog.  They don't often change- the posts on prayers for insomnia, for instance, are almost always near the top spots- but sometimes they do, and for reasons that are not at all clear.

Last week, for instance, I suddenly had a rash of hits on the ten year old post "Music Matters" where I take apart Marty Haugen's Gather Us In.  Another post from that year, wherein my younger daughter randomly pounded out letters on the keyboard, has also re-entered the top ten.  Another post where I linked to some panoramic views of some of Canada's most beautiful churches also has hit the top ten, but that is not surprising.

However, for the life of me, I can't figure out why the number one post at the moment is one post from three written about the monuments of University Avenue- the one that discussed Walter Allward's monument to the Boer War.


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