1 February 2018

It seems the senate has approved the change to our national anthem.

The line "In all thy sons command!" has been changed to "In all of us command."

As a singer, and as a student of the English language, I do not care for this change. I don't care for it as a singer because "all of us" is clunky to sing. As a student of English, I don't care for it because it is unpoetic and bland. They could have done better than this. I remember as a child singing the anthem in school we used to sing: "all our hearts command." Better poetry, and more singable. The only argument against what we used to sing back then is that the word 'heart' appears again in the next line, and the repetition is not the best. I still think it is the better change, and serves the same end, if that end needs must be served. The greatest crime in 'all of us' is not that it is gender neutral, but that it is neutral, period.. As Oscar Wilde once said, any style is good, except the boring.

Now, how long before someone decides to get rid of "God keep our land"?

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