23 October 2018

Here and there

We had our municipal elections here yesterday.  I have never cast a vote with less enthusiasm. This election did not seem to be about much of anything.  There were no competing visions, no clear paths forward.  There were no great vices, and fewer virtues. There wasn't anyone I really wanted to win, but there also wasn't anyone I really wanted to keep out- except for a few names on the councillor and trustee categories.  I recognized a few last names on the ballot from past elections, but not the first names.  Grown up kids were now running for their mom or dad's old position.  I want to shut down that tendency in a hurry.  I've had enough with political dynasties. 


I'll be running a trivia night at one of the churches that belong to my Knight's council this weekend.  My council has five churches and seven parishes, although it may have one or two other quasi parishes.  We've been trying to expand our efforts in some of the parishes we have underserved, so Trivia Nights.

I ran the first one back in June, and it wasn't a catastrophe, so I thought I would try it again.  I have been setting the questions myself, but it is painfully apparent to me that I may not be the best person for the job.  My knowledge base is too skewed.  The people who spoke to me afterwars had some suggestions.  Some thought I should ask easier questions (here's where the skewing comes in: I thought I was asking easy questions).  One family thought I should ask more questions about literature.  I looked at them as I recalled the fourteen years I spent at university earning a B.A., an M.A. and studying for, but ultimately abandoning my PhD studies with all but the dissertation written.  "You don't know what you're asking," I said at last.

I've decided on trying a themed Trivia Night this time, with a section of visual (ie, pictures) questions as well as the usual.  The theme will be, given the time of year, Hallowe'en and Saints, and both whenever possible.  In the picture section are several somewhat gruesome images- but they aren't the ones that have to do with Hallowe'en.

Image result for St Dennis

Who am I? And where am I heading?

I considered asking the people 'what is a  Cephalophore?', but I thought that might not go over too well.


 A week after that, I will attempt to put my amateur knowledge of the Catholic History of Toronto to some decent use and run a Historical walk through downtown, where we will discuss some of the sites and events hat have shaped the history of the Church here, and also the city itself.  I've called it 'Within a Stone's Throw: Irish Catholics in Toronto in the 1800's'.  I'm running it free of charge, but I won't say no if someone were to bring me a peameal bacon sandwich from St Lawrence Market to thank me for my time.

Interest in the event was quite good at the beginning, but the three people most interested and enthusiastic about the idea could not make it that day. Typical.  I may do an encore the next day or week.

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