8 November 2018

Catching up.

I ran a trivia night at one of my KOC Council's parishes the weekend before last.  Unfortunately, a combination of weather and another parish having another event the same night kept almost everyone away, and only three people showed up.  On the bright side, it means I can pretty much use the exact same questions again next time I have a trivia night.

Last Saturday I tried my hand at running a Historical Walk/Streetcar ride around downtown Toronto.  Unfortunately, it took a little longer than I had planned, so we didn't cover everything I had hoped.   I had thought the weather would keep pretty much everyone away, but a few brave souls came out for the walk and talk. I lead them through the places where victims of a humanitarian catastrophe arrived; where Toronto came to grips for the first time with the abuses of power of the police; the place where a murder- unsolved to this day- occurred, and a few other little nuggets from our history. I didn't take them to the unmarked graves of the victims of an epidemic, but I can do that another day.   I also touched on the Jubilee Riots, as we were walking around that area (and in truth, the riots took place across most of the downtown core) but didn't go into depth about those.  I called the walk "Within A Stone's Throw: Catholics in Toronto in the 19th Century."  I think I'll use that as the title if I ever get around to publishing again.

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