21 March 2007

Should the Music of Haugen, Haas and the St. Louis Jesuits be banned from Catholic Masses? Poll Results

The Poll is now closed. (There hasn't been any activity for awhile)

Responses: (the percentage and actual number of votes follows)

Let's get back to Latin chants- 31% - 11
Yes, most definitely- 28% - 10
Well, some yes- 9% - 3
No, the occasional one is Ok--23% - 8
No, they are the Traditional Catholic Hymns-9% - 3
I don't know who Haugen, Haas or the St. Louis Jesuits Are-3% --1

Total Votes 35 Precentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding.
In this case the percentages actually add up to 102%

58% want the total an complete removal of H, H, SLJ music removed from mass, of those half want a return to Chanting.

If we consider the number of people who want a portion of the music of H,H, SLJ music removed and have the some pieces or the occasional piece, the number jumps to 90%, suggesting that most want a severe decrease in the number of H, H, SLJ music they hear at mass, with two thirds of those wanting a complete and total removal of all pieces, and one third wanting chanting.

Only about one tenth (3) people thought that H, H, SLJ composed traditional Catholic music.

Almost every one who took part in the poll know who Haugen Haas, and the S.L.Jesuits are. With only 1 person claiming ignorance.

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