15 June 2007

That Divine Spark

From Britain's Got Talent, this fellow, Paul Potts, shows up and announces he'd like to sing opera. The judges (including Simon Cowell) look stony faced and skeptical, and the man begins to sing the most famous tenor aria there is, Nessun Dorma.

Look at the faces of the judges as he sings his final notes, all skepticism vanished. Simon even smiles, and Amanda needs to dry her cheeks. If this fellow believes, as he says at the beginning, that he was born to sing opera, he will find no argument from me.

I wish I could do this. Unfortunately, 1. there is no Canada's Got Talent, (or is that Canada's Got No Talent?) 2. I'm a baritone. What would I sing? Papagheno's Puh-puh-puh?

Tip o'the hat to The Anchoress, via Dyspeptic Mutterings

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