21 June 2007

Canadian Catholic News: ‘Abolish abortion’ top Canadian wish on CBC- sponsored Facebook group

OTTAWA, Canada (CCN) – When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) set up a Facebook group on the Internet called “The Great Canadian Wish List,” perhaps no one could have predicted that “Abolish Abortion in Canada” would rise to first place almost from the very start.


Pro-life Catholic blogger Suzanne Fortin of Ottawa has been mobilizing people to keep “Abolish Abortion” in top spot. She has been sending out emails and blogging up a storm to tell people how to join Facebook and how to register for the pro-life wish.

Fortin reported that pro-choice blogs are recruiting people, including Americans, to join Facebook and vote for the pro-choice wish.
“If their cause is so popular why to they need Americans to support their wish?” she said. “I’ve made it very clear in every communication I only want Canadian’s joining.”

For instructions on how to join Facebook and register on the CBC wish contest, see the Web site www.bigbluewave.ca.

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So any and all Canadian Catholics who come across this, please register at Facebook and vote for this very worthy wish. As of this posting, this wish has dropped to second, with "Keeping Abortion Legal, reaching number One. We, Canadians have to change this. Let's get "Abolish Abortion in Canada back to Number one. Results will be published on Canada Day (July 1)

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