22 June 2007

One More thing...

One last (I think) note to my posts on Britain's Got Talent. After Paul Potts, the most popular of the performers on the show was six year old Connie Talbot, who was charming in her audition. As with Paul Potts' audition, watch Simon's face:

I read in an interview yesterday that she may be signing a seven figure deal with Simon Cowell. Also in the interview, someone said: "She may be the next Charlotte Church!" Upon reading that, my immediate instinct was to pull out my trusty rosary and pray this sweet little girl does not become the next Charlotte Church. I think maybe a few more prayers may be helpful in this situation. While it may seem odd to pray for someone who is successful, I often feel that they are truly in need of it. Success often seems to carry with it a whole new level of temptation. And so few child stars turn out well.

You will not often hear Bill Maher quoted favourably on this blog, but I will do so now. He once said, in effect: "People who bring their kids to Hollywood producers are handing their children over to the very people they should protect them from."

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