21 June 2007

Minute Mysteries

You can tell School's Out for the Summer in a week, (Catholic Elelmentary Schools' last day is Wednesday, June 27, 2007,) Elder's class are doing Minute Mysteries in class.

I thought I would share with you some that she shared with me:

Highlight the space below each mystery to see solution

This one was solved by 4year old Younger in less than a minute.
A man puts on a mask, leaves his house with an empty sack then somes back later, with a full sack, turns out the lights and goes to bed.
It's Hallowe'en and the man has gone out "trick-or-treating."

A woman throws something out her third story window and dies.
What the woman threw was a boomerang, which looped around , came back and hit her in the head, killing her.

A man is riding an elevator, when the elevator suddenly stops and the lights go out, he knows his wife is dead
The man has taken the elevator in the hospital, after visiting his wife, who is on life-support. The Elevator stopped suddenly and the lights went out because of a power failure, which also cuts the wife's life support, and she dies.

The music stops and the woman dies.
The woman is a tightrope walker, who walks the tight rope blindfolded. The music is supposed to play until she reaches the end, and when it stops, she knows she can step off. But the music is stopped early(murderous intent or malfunction of equipment), she, thinking she is at the end of the tightrope, steps off the rope, but instead of stepping onto the platform, she falls and dies.

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