22 August 2007

Pentecost, Solemnities of the Lord in Ordinary Time

Hymns to Father, Son and Holy Spirit, (Pentecost, Trinityu, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart)

What I would like to continue Hearing:
40. Come Down, O Love Divine [ Text: Descendi, Amor Santo; Tune: "Down Ampney," RV Williams]
41. O God, Almighty Father [ Text: "Gott Vater sei gepriesen tr. by JE Rothensteiner; une: "Gott Vater Sei Gepriesen"]
42. Sing We Praise to the Father [ Text: R. BY Scott; Tune: "Omni Die,"Tireir Gesangbuch]
43. All You Who Seek A Comfort Sure [ Quiumque certum quaeritis" Tr. Caswell; tune: Kingsfold," Eng. Trad. Melody]44. Alleluia Sing to Jesus [W. C Dix; tune: "Hyrfrydol," R H Prichard]
45. At the Name of Jesus [ Text: C. M Noel; Tune: "King's Weston," RV Williams]

46. Word of God, Come Down on Earth [ Text: J. Quinn; Tune: Liebster Jesu," Ahle/ Bach]
47. Christ is Made the Sure Foundation [ Text: Angularis Fundamentum, tr. Neale; Tune: "Westminster Abbey," H. Purcell]
48. Lift High the Cross [ Text: G W Kitchin rev. M R Newbolt; Tune: "Crucifer," S H Nichlson Descant: R. Proulx]- I actually would rather not hear any more, but only because it has been over done at my parish, but the hymn is acceptable and that is why I place it here. On review no I don't want to hear it anymore.
49. Crown Him With Many Crowns [M. Bridges, G. Thring; Tune: "Diademata," G. Elvey]
50. To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King [Text: M. B Hellriegel; Tune: "Ich Glaub An Gott," Mainz Gesangbuch]
51. There's A Widness in God's Mercy [ Text: F. Faber; Tune: "In Babilone," ]

What I never want to hear again:
17. Spirit Blowing Through Creation [ Text/Tune: M. Haugen]
18. Creator God, Creating Still [ Text: J Parker Huber; Tune: "St. Anne," W. Croft]
19. Christ, You Are the Fullness [Text: Colossians 1L 15-19, 3:1-4, 15-17; B. Polman; Tune: Arirang," Korean irregular]
20. Jesus the Lord [ Text/tune: R. O'Connor SJ]
21. The Voice of God [Text: L. Connaughton; Tune: "Flentge," Schalke or "Woodlands, " W. Greatorex]
22.Lift High the Cross [ Text: G W Kitchin rev. M R Newbolt; Tune: "Crucifer," S H Nichlson Descant: R. Proulx]
23. The Lord Jesus Christ [ Text/ Music: Rev. S. Somerville]- Rev. Somerville was a member of ICEL, and participated in translating the Ordinary Form of the Missal. He has since renounced all his work on that committee, He should renounce the work he did on this hymn.]
24. Praise to You, O Christ Our Saviour [ Text /Muisc: B. Farrell]

What I would like to start hearing ( I may never want to hear it again, but once would be nice)
27. Creator Spirit, Lord of Grace [Text: R. Maurus Tr. J. Quinn SJ; Tune: "Duke Street," J. Hatton]
28. O Holy Spirit, Come to Bless [Text: HW Baker; Tune: St. Columba" Trad Irish melody]
29 O Holy Spirit, By Whose Breath [Text: based on "Veni Creator Spiritus" JW Grant; Tune: Eisenach" J. Herman-Schein]
30. Come, Holy Spirit [Text: "Veni Creator Spiritus," R. Maurus, tr. E. Caswell; Tune: Lambilotte," L. Lambilotte]
31 Holy Spirit, Lord of Love [Text: WD MacLagan; Tune: Misneach," Gaelic]
32. Veni Creator Spiritus [Text: R. Maurus; Tune: "Veni Creator Spiritus," Greg. chant, mode VIII]
33. O Light of Light, Love given Birth [Text: Latin tr. L. Housman; Tune: "Jesu Dulcis Memoria," Plainsong Mode II]
34 You are the Way [ Text: George Washington Doane alt. B. G. Senchur; Tune: "Nicolaus," Herman/Bach]

What I am in no hurry to start hearing:
22. Come to Us, Creative Spirit [Text: D. Mowbray; Tune: Castlewood," R. Proulx]

Vs. 1 Come to us creative Spirit/In our Father's house/ Every human talent hallow/ Hidden skills arouse/That within your earthly temple/ Wise and simple may rejoice.

Vs 2 Poet, painter, music maker/ All your tresures bring/ Craftsmen, actor, graceful dancer/ Make your offering/Join your hands in celebration/ Let creation shout and sing!

Vs 3 Word from God eternal springing/ Fill our minds, we pray/ And in all artistic vision/ Give integrity/May the falme within us burning/Kindle yearning day by day.

Vs. 4 In all places and forever/ Glroy be expressed/To the Son, with God the Father/ And the Spirit
blessed/In our worship and our living/ Keep us striving for the best.

23. Filled with the Spirit's Power [ Text: JR Peacey; Tune: "Toulon," Genevan Psalter] Again lyrics.
24. Send Us Your Spirit[Text/Tune: D. Haas]
25. Veni Sante Spiritus [Text/Tune: C. Walker]
26. God, Who Made the Human Family [Text: W H Farquarson;tune: "Omni Die"]27. I Come With Joy [Text: Brian Wren; Tune: "Land of Rest,"American Folk Melody]
27. Word of God,From Mary's Womb [ Text: J. Quinn; Tune: Liebster Jesu," Ahle/Bach]
28. The Master Came to Bring Good News [ Text: R. Finn; Tune: "Ich Glaub An Gott,"]
29. Come, Lord, to Our Souls Come Down [text: HCA Gaunt; Tune: Quedgeley," J Dykes Bower]
30. Lord, we Hear YOur word with Gladness [Text: M. Clarkson; Tune: "In Babilone"]

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