29 February 2008

I have been tagged

...by Sheepcat to reveal six irrelevant/unimportant facts/quirks/habits of myself. This is rather difficult, as there are days when it seems my entire life is irrelevant. But here goes:

1. I am a man. As men are generally considered irrelevant and/or useless in the current sociopolitical climate, this is most likely considered to be an irrelevant and/or useless fact. Although given the current emasculation of a great percentage of the population, perhaps being a man should be classified as a quirk.

2. Like Sheepcat, I am technologically behind. I have found life to be much cheaper to let other people by the high technology, then give it me when they buy a higher technology. My in-laws have a couple of big flatscreens that I have my eye on. I'm planning where to put them in about three years or so.

3. I have made over sixty pipes for my hypothetical organ. Only 300 or so more to go.

4. I am doing family research with a cousin and am writing a history of the family, focusing mainly on my line- grandfather, father, myself. It is tentatively titled "Losers."

5. In a very real way, I owe my love of literature to the "Conan" stories of Robert E. Howard- but only the stories by Robert E. Howard. In a related irrelevant fact, I have intense contempt for hacks who try to write stories about other people's characters, except for perhaps comic books, which are set up for that purpose.

6. I chose my university because it had a Creative Writing Program. I then proceeded to wash out of the program because I didn't write enough like James Joyce. In a related irrelevant fact, I have intense contempt for James Joyce and hacks who want to write like him. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Tag! You're it, and if you don't have a blog, answer in the combox. Unless you're Puff. She's exempt.

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