7 January 2009

Some Progress

A while back in the summer I blogged about a friend of mine who I was trying to help return to the Church. Last weekend I took him on a tour of another church, Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton- or, more of a tour of the west end of Hamilton with a trip to the Cathedral as well. It was a good day, and the three of us (his fiance was with us) enjoyed ourselves very much. Today I received an e-mail from him. It runs in part:

When I entered the cathedral I felt that I needed to pray and when I closed my eyes and started to pray and I didn't want to stop. For the first time I felt like I was really praying, something that it seemed to have disappeared from my life. (My fiance) told me she felt moved and felt a sense of peace by being in the cathedral...

As I said, it was a good day. If any of you are inclined, please say a prayer for my friend.

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