2 May 2011

Aw, nuts

Late this evening, I took the first look at the election results.  Rather than winning a minority government, which would have gotten rid of Harper and Ignatieff, Harper has won a majority. 

The Bloc will not be a factor in this parliament.  They have been all but annihilated.

The Green party has won its first seat in the house.

Ignatieff has failed to win his own riding.  His time in politics is now over.   His party will be but a minor presence in parliament this time around. the next leader will have a monumental task to rebuild the party.

I was completely wrong.  I predicted, based on the polls, that we would have another minority.  Harper has his majority.   How he will rule a majority, I cannot say.  I hope this will mean the end of his stupid, never ending attacks on the leaders of other parties, even when there is no election, but I have no reason upon which to base that hope. 

God help us.


Patience said...

For some reason I always though you supported the Cons. I voted for Ignatieff as he's in my riding but I do have to say he was a lousy MP and they were really complacent about it being a "safe" riding. (there is no such thing in my mind) I had to beg 4x for a lawn sign!
Harper is in a good mood now like an angry child who has been given the candy they screamed for. He SAYS he's going to run a moderate platform. Why didn't he say that before the election? Why all the secrecy. Secrecy and Control are my two beefs. Like you said; 5 years (or maybe he'll change it to longer?)

Bear-i-tone said...

I supported none of the three leaders in this election. I had thoguht I was clear on that point. Harper, at least, got the lion's share of my spleen for his stupid, pointless attack campaign. My hope had been for Harper to win a minority government, so that way, both he and Ignatieff would be gone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, God help us indeed - I live in Quebec, and as a federalist, I'm glad to see the end of the Bloc. Our new MP is NDP, like many others in this province. But given how Harper "governed" in his minority, I'm really apprehensive about his crew being in the majority. I hope the Liberals have learned this bitter lesson and return to their roots as in the time of Pearson and Trudeau. Of course, times are very different now, but I still believe in miracles. As the saying goes a week is a long time in politics, and hopefully the Liberals will smarten up and get the party in better shape.

Patricia Gonzalez