15 August 2011

Holy Cow! Did you see that flying pig go by?

Ht New Liturgical Movement

The CBC did a report on the Gregorian Chant colloquium in Halifax, and it was not a hatchet job.  Never thought I would see that.

I can't embed, but here's the link.

They were positive on the music, but they did not mention its place in religion or religious ceremonies.  In fact, they call it the 'sounds of a bygone era', as though they were reporting on an autopsy.  That could be why they were so positive.

That pig is suddenly looking more mundane.


swords said...

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Patience said...

That is sad and it perpetuates chant as something exotic. When I was a teen I thought chant was something done in monasteries. (when I was a teen I also bought chant records (before it was popular) and burnt frankincense while listening to it)
But at the time; I never connected chant to a normal Mass.

Vox Cantoris said...

Bear and Patience you are both right on and I made similar comments at NLM

chloesmom said...

We heard nothing about this event in Quebec. Alas, no surprises there.