15 August 2011

On my attending Mass for the Assumption

I could have kicked myself for not bringing a camera. 

Today, due to the vagaries of my new schedule, was a day off for me.  (I had a three day weekend.  To balance it, next weekend will consist of one day off.  I like the three day weekends, but I don 't much care for the one day ones.)  Because of the day in our calendar, and because I could, my wife and I and Frodo headed off to St Michael's Cathedral for Mass this afternoon.  I was happy to see a fair crowd in the cathedral today, though it may have been a little deceptive, as they were packed in a little tighter than usual because several rows of pews in the back were blocked off due to renovations and construction.

After Mass, Puff and I walked around a little to see what was going on.  There were some changes to the Tabernacle- the doors appear to be new, and quite nice, but there was no veil when the opened it.  Also, they did not have exposition following the Mass, which I believe is the usual practice.  The bell tower is covered in scaffolding, as they are fixing the tower stairs and choir loft to bring them up to fire code.  Sadly, the old Warren organ has been removed.  It was the last Warren organ of its size still in existence.  I have been told it will be given a new home and restored somewhere.  I hope to find out where and hear it play again.  I have also been told an organ taken from a church in Montreal that has closed (sigh.  pray for the Church there) will be put in its place.  I imagine, no, I am very nearly certain, make that certain, the new organ will be a Cassavant. The reason for the switch, apparently, is due to the fact that the old arrangement of pipes blocked the stained glass window in the bell tower.  The new organ has its pipes arranged to allow the window to be seen.  I did in fact see the window for the first time today.  It's nice.

Of great interest to me was the altar arrangement- it was what the New Liturgical Movement calls the Benedictine arrangement, albeit a slightly modified one.  There were six candles on huge candlesticks placed in front of the altar, and a crucifix placed in the centre, facing the priest. 

Although it was a distraction from the day, it was pleasant to see our Cathedral being renewed.

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