23 May 2012

3.5 Timeouts

Apologies to LarryD.  I'm late.

There's a new Star Trek movie in the works, and... oh wait, I've already blogged that one.


Just had a holiday weekend.  Ever wonder about these long weekends, and holidays, and what we do now with them?  Not only the holy ones, but the secular ones as well.  Is the Fourth of July really what American Founders really envisioned?  Did Thomas Jefferson say: "We have now created a new nation, dedicated to Life Liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness.  Now throw some weenies on the fire and let's go light some gunpowder!"


My big plan for the weekend was to go an buy a sandwich.  Specifically, a peameal  bacon sandwich from St Lawrence Market, which was just named in National Geographic as the best market in the world.  The market is chaotic and busy, bustling with people of every accent imaginable and crowded with teeming life.  Across the road at the north market was the Saturday Farmer's market, where you could get fresh fruit and vegetables, honey that was in the hive on Thursday and maple syrup that was in the tree a month ago.  Getting that sandwich was pretty much the only thing that went right last weekend, but it was epically right.


My plan had ripples.  When discussing our long weekend plans, my coworkers laughed at my plan to buy a sandwich.  But one of them found himself in the area Saturday morning with his wife and in laws, hungry, and he remembered my plan.  So he got one too.  "This is the best thing ever!" he said to me.  He bought a few to take home, and is now planning on moving to the market area so he can eat these regularly.

It seems Canadians are the only ones who eat peameal bacon.  For those of you who don't know of it:  I am so very, very sorry.

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