16 October 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesdays

Random hits edition.


Shia Labeouf says he will go all the way and actually have sex on film if a role requires it.  Good on him. He may be a whore, but he's an honest whore.  It's a way to make up for the fact that he has absolutely no talent when it comes to acting.  The movie about which is talking is called "Nymphomaniac" This is on my anti bucket list.  I hope I die before I see it.


Another one of my Travels with Mother:  We went to see the Comfort Maple, so named because it is on land owned by the Comfort family. 

It is about five hundred years old, and is the oldest and largest known Sugar Maple in Canada.  The trunk is twenty feet in circumference. 

The Maple Leaf is one of Canada's symbols, along with the beaver, as a reference to our early history, where some of our most important exports were maple sugar and fur. Given that the Sugar Maple is our symbol, this is The Tree.

I had thought to take her somewhere else.  I asked her where she would like to go, say, another old church, war of 1812 battlefield, or another one of Hamilton's waterfalls, and she said she might like to visit Point Pelee, Canada's southernmost point.

"What?" I said.  "You don't want to go to any more churches?"

She gave me her look.  "I can always go to churches in winter," she said.

Unfortunately, she also wanted me to fix her garage roof, and I could only do one or the other.  She chose the garage.  My back is still in pain.


Also on the anti bucket list:  Another American election.  Sorry, America, but I am weary of being bombarded with information about an election wherein I do not even have a vote.  Couldn't you guys just elect some supreme dictator for life and be done with it?  Please?


I have reached a decision:  It is past time I


LarryD said...

(This is not a pity comment)

I can't tell you how disappointed I was when LeBouf was cast in the last Indiana Jones movie. Chris Pine would have been much better (he played Kirk in the Star Trek reboot movie). LeBouf reminds me of the doofus who starred in those God awful Transformer films.

Oh wait - he was the doofus in those films.

Bear-i-tone said...

My daughter used to watch him on some Disney show- Even Stevens, I think it was. The kid could not act.