28 September 2013

The feast of St Michael and the Archangels

Sounds a bit like the name of a band.

As St Michael is the patron of my archdiocese, the Cardinal has ordered it to be celebrated as a special solemnity.

The archdiocese blog has an article up about a statue of St Michael that stands in the lobby of St Michael's hospital, known as the urban angel.

The artist and date of creation of the statue are unknown, but the name of 'Pietrasanta' chiselled on the back of the statue indicates the stone is from the same quarry in Italy where Michelangelo procured the marble for his famous 'Pieta'.

How the statue made its way to Canada is unclear, but what we do know is that during the latter part of the 19th century the Sisters of St. Joseph found this statue, dirty and blackened, in a second-hand store on Queen Street. Recognizing its value, they wisely bought it for the sum of $49 – money they had accumulated from the sale of old newspapers.

This statue is more to my idea of how a statue of St Michael should appear than the one over the Cathedral entrance, although I have made my peace with that one.  For some reason, I have always thought of St Michael as a kind of Super Hero out of a comic book, carrying a fearsome sword, his eyes flashing.

In the old testament the angels are frequently scary.  They are God's messengers, but the message they deliver is often: "you're dead."  There is a reason why Gabriel's first words to Mary are "Don't be afraid! I bring you good news."

St Michael, guard this diocese and its people.  With your sword drive the enemy from us.

St Michael the archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection from the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.  Do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander the world for the ruin of men's souls.  Amen.

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Mike R said...

Since I share the same name as him, I have made a special page for him at my blog! His story, and multiple prayers to him!

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