1 October 2013

It's silly season again.

The Pope has given yet another interview. Watch for all the usual stuff to come: Cherry picked quotations, lots of exegesis from both sides explaining how what the Pope seemed to say isn't what he really said, more love for the Pope for something someone thought he said but didn't really, more prognostications of DOOOOOOMMMM!!!! for the same reason, etc etc.

My current belief is that nothing I have yet read of Francis' interviews would be shocking, or dismaying, or in any way surprising if Catholics of our time had any notion of what our faith is, or if any competent catechesis had occurred in the last forty or so years. Or, better still, if they didn't pick up their faith from newspapers and bloggers.

The constant points that Francis is hitting on are "love the Lord your God" and "love thy neighbour". No one has any argument against this. Some wish to argue over how these great loves are to be expressed. As I said, Catechesis would have been a big help in this area.

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