3 October 2013

I have been thinking...

...and I am not any closer at knowing what to think. About the Pope's interviews, I mean. I read and I think, and it seems that everyone has a point that should be considered.

I read that he is being praised by Obama and the stars of Hollywood, and some bloggers are shocked and horrified, and so am I, for if they are praising him, then he must be far from truth. And then I read that if they are praising him, then they are thinking about his message, and this could be an opportunity for dialogue and evangelization, and I see that it is so, and consider that we should try and take advantage of this situation. Then I remember that Obama and the other side believe only in a doctrine of unconditional surrender, and they are not the slightest bit interested in altering their points of view, but only that we change ours, and they are welcoming the Pope's words because they believe he is signalling a change in the attitude of the Church. And then I read that all his interviews have been badly translated from the original Italian into English, and therefore what everyone knows and believes about the words of the Pope are wrong, and I wonder how I did not see it from the beginning, and I wonder what we are to do now.

And so I read some more. I read that the Pope is still Catholic, and the Church still stands, and I know this to be true. Then I read that the Pope is a modernist and we must prepare ourselves to fend for ourselves, and I know this to be true as well. I read some who are preparing to sidestep and ignore the Pope, not as Sedes Vacantes, but rather as Sedes Impertinens- the chair is irrelevant. I see their point, and then someone points out that this was the stance of Martin Luther, and I see that point too.

I see that some are concerned over what the next pronouncement will be, and I understand, for I share that concern. And then I see some are anticipating it, not that it will be clearer, but because they want this Pope to fail in his duty and actually pronounce something that no amount of effort can square to the magisterium, because it will confirm their worldview, and tell them that they are right. And here, finally, is a view I neither share nor understand. I do not understand why anyone would anticipate such a failing and actually hope it comes sooner rather than later, or he disappointment they seem to feel when someone explains to them that what the Pope said was exactly what his predecessors said before him.

And so, not knowing what I am to think, I move on to at least what I know, and what I know is this: We are to perform the acts of mercy, attend Mass, pray and worship. And so I shall.

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