13 October 2015

Weekend travels

I rented a car this weekend and spent the days gadding about from place to place.  I took my mother out to enjoy the fall day on Saturday looking at fall colours and seeing whatever pretty things we could find.  I had offered to take her farther and go north where the colours would be better, but she said she didn't feel up to it, and would prefer it if we stayed closer to home.  She seemed to be fine to me, but she really perked up once we stated seeing the Fall colours in the sunshine.  I was reminded how the ancients thought beauty had a healing power all its own.  Seems to be true for mom.

So we drove around a bit, taking some roads less travelled.  We saw Ontario's last covered bridge.

These bridges are called 'kissing bridges'.  Earlier in the summer, the wife, kids and I saw the world's longest kissing bridge in New Brunswick.  I imagine you could get a real smooch going in that one.

Frodo was more interested in throwing stones into the river than in seeing the bridge, and since mom wanted to stop and draw the bridge, I let him do it for a while.

He needs some work on his distance.

I had brought Elder with me, and I was very pleased with the way she helped out, especially with her Grammy.

We also stopped by a couple of churches, though I only photographed one, St Clements' in the town of St Clement's.

It's a beautiful little church, built by the German settlers in the area.  The builders walked for two weeks back in the 1840's to get to Toronto- then the seat of the diocese- to ask permission of the bishop to build a church. 

We ended up in another church in Kitchener, but I didn't get any pictures of it.   It was another beauty, though.

The next day, because we had a car and therefore because we could, the wife and I decided to go to Mass at Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton.  On the way back, we stopped to see how the colours were at Tews Falls- the highest waterfall in Hamilton.

It was beautiful.  We ended up by heading north to do some fishing on Monday- but that's a story for the next post.

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