9 June 2016

A bishop after my own heart.

I don't know enough about him to say if I would agree with him on anything, but this at least is something I can really like: Bishop to be makes his own crozier.

Something else I really like, and something the good father/bishop elect and I have in common: when he went to see his future residence, he made sure to check out the garage:

He said he’s already visited his new residence, and was happy to see that it has a two-car garage – just large enough to fit his woodworking workshop.


Imagine sharing a workshop with the man?  I would have tone down my reactions when I smash my thumb with a hammer or get another stitch worthy cut on my hand.  Also, addressing him: "Many pardons, your Grace,  may I use the jointer now?"

""With my blessing, my son."

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