9 June 2016

No More English

Another English program prepares to cough up blood as Yale students seek to abolish oppressive English courses about white authors like Shakespeare.

Sigh. Okay folks, let's look at this for one second. It's called 'English', after the country in which the language originated. The country is off the coast of Europe, and for almost all of it's recorded history, until relatively recently, that country has been inhabited almost solely by white people. If you are going to study how the literature and poetry of the language developed historically, your reading will be heavily weighted towards white authors. If, however, you don't wish to read works of oppressive white authors, then you should choose another program, or, if you want your university to stop offering such dreadfully offensive courses, show some intellectual honesty, and demand they stop teaching English courses altogether. That is more or less what has been done at my university, and I dearly wish they would stop calling the remnants of my old field English, and instead call it Contemporary Literature with comic books etc. It has forfeited any right to call itself a program for the teaching of the literature of the English language.

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