23 May 2007

a few random thoughts

The tests for elder came back. Finally. All are negative, so she's ok. Deo gratias, and thanks for all the prayers.

Puff tells me elder has been wondering about what it would be like to kiss a boy. This is clearly a sign to me. It is a sign to go out and buy a twin barrel side by side twelve guage shotgun, head north and lock her into her room until she's, oh, about forty. The boys at school tease her. One day those hirstute, slope browed, knuckle dragging, microcephalic protohomonids is going to ask her out, and I want them to see my smiling, happy face, as I click the barrels into position.

Her birthday is also rapidly approaching. Can anyone out there tell me: at what point did organizing a kid's party take as much planning as D-day? And cost about as much?

I gave Younger the nickname "beautiful" while she was still a baby, and she has kept it ever since. I think this was not my brightest idea as she is now somewhat vain. Among her more interesting comments:
When being told her cousin was coming over she said: "Won't Liam be happy to see how pretty I am?"
This morning, arguing with Puff over her outfit: "But Mommy, you know I like to be pretty!"
The other day, to me, after I called "Come here, twerp!" she replied: "Daddy, I think you mean 'beautiful.'"
The other day I was going to correct her over something she had done, but before I could say a word, she rushed over to me and hugged my leg. "You're the best Daddy in the whole wide world!" she said, and suddenly I couldn't remember why I was about to correct her.

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