24 August 2007

CBW 499 -524

Hymns About Discipleship

What I would like to continue hearing:
61. Lord, Whose Love In Humble Service [ Text: A Brayly; Tune: "In Babilone," Trad Dutch Melody]
62. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You [Text: H Van Dyke; Tune: "Hymn to Joy," Beethoven]
63. God Created Earth and Heaven [ Text: K McCaffrey & R. J Lahey; Tune: "Hymn to Joy, " Beethoven]
64. Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go [ Text: J Quinn SJ, Tune: "Lledrod," Welsh Hymn Tune]
65. Now, Let Us From This Tabel Rise [ Text: F Kaan; Tune: "Deus Tuorum Militum," Grenoble Antiphoner]

What I Never want to hear again:
35. God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian [Text: C P Draw; Tune: "Hymn to Joy," L v Beethoven]
The music is great, Beethoven, but the lyrics include:
"God the Spirit, guide and guardian, Windsped flame and hov'ring dove"
of Jesus we are made to sing:
"Word made flesh, love crucified, Teacher, Healer, Suff'ring servant
Of the Creator, which I would assume was God the Father but with:
"Great Creator , Life Bestower... Fount of Wisdom, Womb of Mercy" I'm thinking more of God the Mother.
36. Only This I Want [ Text/Tune: D Schutte]
37. Here I am Lord [ Text/Tune:Based On Is. 6; Schutte]
38. Blest are They [Text and Music: D Haas; Voc Arrang: M Joncas]

What I Would Like to start hearing(I may never want to hear it again, but once would be nice)
56. Surely It is God Who Saves Me [Text: IS,12:1-6; C P Draw; tune: "Raquel," S. Chavez-Melo]
57. God, Whose Love in Jesus Found Us [Text: F Kaan; Tune: "Quem Pastores," R V Williams]
58. As Saints of Old Their First Fruits Brought [Text: F von Christierson; Tune: "Forest Green," R V Williams]
59. Blessed Feasts of Blessed Martyrs [Text: O beata beatorum," Latin 12th Tr. J Neale; Tune: "In Babilone," Trad.Dutch Melody]
60. Go to the World [Text: S . Dunstan; Tune: "Engelberg," C Villiers Stanford]
61. When In OUr Music God Is Glorified [Text: Mark 14:26 F. P Green; Tune: "Engelberg," C Villiers Stanford]
61. God, Whose Almighty Word [ Text: J Marriot; Tune: "Moscow," F De Giardini]
62. Alleluia! Go and Teach All People [ Text: Ref. Mark 16:15 Verses: Ps. 96; Tune: T. B. Armstrong] This is an Alleluia with Psalm
63, The Sky Tell the Glory of God [ Text: PS. 19:2-7; Psalms for all Seasons;Music: Howard Hughes] This is a Psalm Setting

What I am in no rush to start hearing:
46. Christ, Our King Before Creation [ Text: I. Jones; Tune: "Raquel," S Chavez-Melo]
Includes the phrases:
"Lord forgive our self-deceiving; Come and reign in us today!"
"Lord by grace beyond conceiving; Come and reign in us today!"
"Lord, in us your aim achieving; Come and reign in us today!"
47. For the Healing of the Nations [ Text: F Kaan; Tune: "Westminster Abbey," Adapted H. Purcell]
48. Before the Sun Burned Bright [Text/Tune: D . Schutte]
49. Disciple's Song [Text/Tune: T Barr]
50. The Song of the Beatitudes [ Text/ Tune : Ref based Rev 19:9 vs. Matt 5 :3-12; L. Diess]
51. Break Not the Circle of Enabling Love [Text: F. Kaan; Tune: "St. Clare," D M Young]
52. Lord Jesus, We Must Know You [ Text: M. Clarkson; Tune: "St. Theodulph," M. Teschner]

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